VTS (Vessel Traffic Services)

Working area

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) for the Flemish Coast and sea harbours covers an area of 150 kilometres: from the Belgian – French border via the West Scheldt to Kallo lock (Antwerp). It takes a vessel approximately eight hours to cross this area, dependent on tidal movements.

Werkingsgebied vts

The cross-border characteristics, historical background and infrastructural limitations add to the high complexity of the VTS area.

The radar mast near the ‘Oostdyckbank’ has been operational since 2003. This means an improvement for the visibility on the Belgian – French border. A similar installation on the ‘Schouwenbank’ is being considered so as to ensure a better guidance for shipping on the Dutch side. Studies are being carried out with relation to an extension of VTS to Antwerp Upper Roads  and Wintam lock on the sea channel from Brussels to the Scheldt River.

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