VTS (Vessel Traffic Services)


This section allows the safe and smooth navigation on the maritime access to the seaports. This is done by the organization and provision of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). 

VTS guidelines established by IMO (International Maritime Organization) and IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities). In this organization all the departments are represented.

The international definition of VTS: "Services by a competent authority, to improve safety and efficiency of maritime traffic and to protect the environment. These services should have the possibility to communicate with the traffic, to react and anticipate dangerous traffic situations which develop in the vts area.

  • radarobservatie;
  • telecommunicatie;
  • informatieverwerkend systeem (IVS);
  • automatisch identificatie systeem (AIS)

These four  aspects allow vessels to be identified, to report their positions, to receive and to transmit information, to obtain and to restrict the proposed traffic and manoeuvres. It is also possible assistance to ships, for example in nautical and meteorological fields. The pilot order is made by the Pilotage according to the procedures specified in BAZ No 1/12A. This is not the mission of the Department of Shipping Guidance. If the pilot order is not timely made, a ship can anchor, until a pilot is available.



Nauticus Els Bogaert is the cell chief of 'Vessel Traffic Services " and is responsible for the daily management and operational direction of the traffic control centers in Zandvliet and Zeebrugge. For Vessel Traffic Services to be able to work around the clock, the teams work in traffic control centers.

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