VTS (Vessel Traffic Services)

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In compliance with IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) guidelines (IALA V – 103 Recommendations: Manual on the Training of VTS Personnel), Shipping Assistance Division has a VTS Simulator at its disposal in Kallo for the training of VTS operators as one of the subsystems of the Scheldt Radar Network

Both Flemish and Dutch traffic operators (and supervisors) of the Scheldt Radar Network can enjoy a varied and tailored package of training and refreshment courses:

  • basic training VTS operator;
  • regional training VTS operator;
  • local training;
  • refreshment courses;
  • team training.

The simulator has consoles which are an exact copy of the operational system and make use of real – time traffic information. The instructor follows the course participants from a separate room. Lifelike situations can be simulated as well as vessel telecommunication. The participants are debriefed in detail by means of recorded conversations and radar images.
The VTS simulator was officially inaugurated on 5 February 2001 by the (then) ministers Steve Stevaert (Flemish minister of Mobility, Public Works and Energy) and Tinneke Netelenbos (Dutch minister of Traffic and Waterways).

Nautical expert Els Bogaert is responsible for the organization of VTS operator training.

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