The OPPLAN SAR for MRCC Ostend accurately describes all the procedures and available resources. The MRCC does not have its own units. Through contracts or agreements with interested parties, the MRCC can use SAR actions to use other units and services.

SAR units

Specially trained staff with the equipment to perform search and / or rescue operations - are instantly available after an alarm. Next SAR units are continuously available for search and rescue operations, including mainly:

  • Dynamic units of the fleet;
  • Helicopters of the 40th Squadron Air Component Koksijde.
  • lifeboats of voluntary rescue services in Blankenberge


Support units

In addition, several units at sea or units with additional resources can provide assistance after a request by the MRCC.
General obligation: for masters of vessels, there is an internationally accepted requirement - if this can be performed without endangering your vessel, crew or passengers - to provide assistance to any person who is in a life-threatening situation at sea.

The MRCC is also in a continuous cooperation with the coastal stations of the neighboring countries:

The Netherlands

Coastguard Center Den Helderr


C.R.O.S.S Gris - Nez / Maritime Affaires
62179 Audinghem - WISSANT
Pas de Calais

United Kingdom

MRCC Dover
Langdon Battery
Swingate Dover
Kent CT 155 NA

More information about the Coast Guard organization and all Coast Guard procedures with all the additional resources of any federal or regional entity of the Coastguard Agency, from which the mrcc is just one part of the chain, is available on the next webpage

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