Administrative Suport

Besides the specific nautical and technical cells, there also is an administrative cluster.


The financial team watches over the financial and logistical management, involving budget and subsidy schemes. Shipping Assistance is responsible for safe and smooth maritime traffic on the maritime access routes to and from the Flemish ports. Within the Flemish seaports, the harbour master services are responsible for this. Given the fact that both authorities need to cooperate closely to this end, the division grants subsidies to the port authorities for the operation of the harbour master services.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Management cell attends to the management, planning and all sorts of files with regard to personnel. Furthermore, the HRM team is also in charge of quality policy. Expenses as well as compensations are also settled by this cell.


Legal Affairs

The Shipping Assistance Division operates in an internationally highly regulated environment. Different international regulations were established into the Shipping Assistance Decree and in the implementing Flemish Parliament Acts attached to this Decree. The legal team of the Shipping Assistance Division may collaborate in drawing up and adapting the legislative texts, but the department remains in charge.

Shipping Assistance Decree

Decree on the guidance of the navigation on the maritime access and organization of the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center.

  • More information can be found here.

Treaty on Common Nautical Management

Treaty between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Flemish Region on the Common Nautical Management in the Scheldt area.

  • The Treaty is only available in Dutch.



The communication team is in charge of internal and external communication and public relations. Concretely, the communication team creates brochures and DVDs, keeps the website up-to-date and makes sure that information days and visits take place in a smooth manner.



The secretariat does the support of the division and in particular the support of the head of the division.


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